Monday, September 28, 2009

Eugene Clark, with torso lecture drawing drawn with stick

This lecture drawing was drawn in class using a
3 ft. stick with a piece of compressed charcoal
on the end.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Figure Drawing by Eugene Clark

Drawings from the model with a light
and dark pencil on canson paper.

Anatomy sketchbook studies by Eugene Clark

It is important to draw with a gesture
first, and then build the anatomy
into the drawing.

Eugene Clark, Sketchbook studies

Here are sketchbook studies of inventive figures,
sketches of a friend, and from dinosaur bones
at the University of Michigan Natural History

Student Work, CCS, Advanced Anatomy, Instructor:Eugene Clark

Figure drawing is supported with figure
sculpture studies, using sculpy on a
wire armature by students Tom Chouinard
and Dave Williams.

Advanced Anatomy Students, CCS, Eugene Clark, Instructor

Here are the advanced anatomy students at the College
for Creative Studies, drawing from the model, using
a long stick, with charcoal at the end. This helps
to gain a better idea of perspective and proportion
in the beginning of the drawing.

Figure Drawing by Eugene Clark

This is a long-term figure drawing from the model, in pencil.